May the Fourth


Han Solo captain of the Millennium Falcon; could be taking to the cosmos again soon with his sidekick Chewbacca the wookie. Here he is under Californian sun on a 90’s period Daytona. Chunky motorcycle for the iconic action hero.


..who has been Indiana Jones in other capers; and Sean Connery was his pop. Here the two archaeology professors ride combination style. Sean isn’t quite as whiskered as Chewie!

4 Comments to “May the Fourth”

  1. WoW.!
    I had no idea he rode a bike.. but why not, so many stars do, after all he famously flies aircraft and heli’s.. safely.
    And he is a warrior. Tho’ don’t you also wonder about guys putting a helmet on and bare arms.? Tarmac is a meat grinder.. it terrifies me.!
    The bottom shot is from,, IMNVHO.. the best “boys own story” ever made.. a superb fiction. The 2 previous films simply prepared the way for the 3rd. And putting those two together was a masterstroke.. no?
    Thro’ the 80’s and 90’s he and R.Redford were at the top of their respective games and made superb films.. perhaps they never will be equalled.
    Have a grand day.. wet and grey here. So spring like.!

    • I like Harrison Ford movies too; always a good yarn or interesting story. Can’t wait for the new Star Wars film. He did have that lucky crash recently in LA – the lucky bit being able to walk away from it.
      Wet and grey here too, proper spring growing weather.

  2. Hi GB. Love your puns “….May the Fourth be With You Too…!” {:–)> P.S. I share your T-Shirt fear Bill, tore most of the skin off one shoulder when I was 18 and a woman turned into a driveway across my path. I nearly missed her but caught her boot (trunk) lid with my LH pinky. Stopped the front wheel of my CB350F dead and bike rotated around it. Spat me over the handlebars to slide along the blacktop with my (helmeted thank God) head tucked down on my chest but my bare back on road surface. Was wearing only a Tshirt, shorts and flip-flops(!) which is how we often rode in hot and sunny North Queensland. My slide along bitumen wore right through the Shoei helmet to the lining…! Very lucky to have got away with only some loss of skin and a bent bike. . Cheers, Les

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