on Ilkley Moor baht ‘at

Noel Whittall, 77, a writer and motorcyclist from Rawdon, England, on his 1918 Triumph Model H near the Cow & Calf at Ilkley. His period tweeds: jacket plus-fours and flat cap, are a perfect Yorkshire outfit for a ramble on’t moor. His nearly century old machine would transport you lazily from Leeds along the A65 through Otley and on to Skipton wi’ Wart on t’Wharfe peering down from across dale.  

Yorkshire is a most beautiful country (locals do consider it an independent State). 

2 Comments to “on Ilkley Moor baht ‘at”

  1. Lovely photo’s.. just super.
    He is quite the dude is he not.? Correct kit in every way.. tweeds, breeks and stockings, and a collarless shirt. Splendid.!
    It so easily could be 100 years ago.. except the rural views which rarely change.
    But this is NOT proper Yorkshire.. the locals really believe that ONLY North Yorkshire is the real deal.. Gods own country.!
    I was lucky to live there for 9 years thro’ the 1990’s and LOVED it.. quite simply the happiest time of my life. I felt so comfortable, altho’ a stranger.. and was made so welcome.
    I lived close to Catterick Garrison and Richmond which is simply lovely.. happy, happy days.
    And then something else.
    Have a good day.

    • I lived in the old South Riding for 6 years. At Sheffield, for those ‘oop nir ‘arrigit’ must have bee practically the continent. Although enjoying a warm pint of Tetleys our local imbibe was Wards. Though my favorite spot in the United Ridings of Yorkshire was Dent in’t Dentdale. AFTER Northumberland, Yorkshire is my favorite place…. Cumbria peeps in at third… Though I know ’em all fairly well it would take a lifetime in each to enjoy them fully for what they have to offer to the curious mind.

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