The Quiet Man

Maureen O’Hara who passed away yesterday was a feisty and beautiful Irish actress who met the leading men of the day as their equal. Here she played Mary Kate Danaher who was John Wayne’s love interest in what was my granda’s favorite film. One of the best scenes is when the Duke’s character ex boxer Sean Thornton has an epic fistfight with Mary Kate’s crabby brother.  


2 Comments to “The Quiet Man”

  1. Funny [strange ] things happen..
    The Quiet Man was scheduled for a showing on UK tv at the WE, and I settled down to watch it with that quiet pleasure we all get from favourite things. After the film ended, I put on the pc and there on the BBC newspage.. M. O’Hara.. passed away.!
    I felt overwhelmingly sad.. she has been without question, my beau ideal, all of my life.
    In the 1950’s I had an uncle who used to show movies in village halls etc, as busing into town was not always an easy affair.
    He used to set up in our hall at home, with the screen in the dining room.. a good optical arrangement, excellent clarity at that range.
    I would be about 6 [1955.?] when he turned up with this masterpiece.. and masterpiece it surely is..
    We kids were allowed to watch as the filum was given a trial run, checking for problems, before the grand screening that pm.
    I can state without doubt that even at that young age, I was bewitched and besotted by the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
    Then or since..
    We’ve had Page 3 and Italian floosie’s, all sorts. Audrey H’ is stunning, on and on.. But they aren’t my favourites.. not at all.
    I hear that melody.. Innisfree.. and I go all stupid, the filum starts and all these years later, I remain entranced.
    My very favourite filum.. always.
    Not that long afterwards.. he appeared with a copy of “Rio Grande” and my fate was sealed.!
    M.O’H was again stunning and JW and V ictor McClaglen and the cast were wonderful.. M.O’H was possibly even more gorgeous in that and as an action movie [tho very old fashioned by today’s bang and blast standards] it takes some beating. I love it for its portrayal of old fashioned manners..
    Sgt Major McClaglen to the Colonels wife.. “welcome home darlen”. Magnificent.!
    Never been out of my top 5 all of my life

    Have a grand day.
    Sometime, we must compare notes on favourite movies.. a comparo top 10 or 20.?

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