Hot of the Presses

The new Triumph range were exposed today: and what a bevy of beauties they are too! The T120 being a new 1200cc based water cooled twin with wheels, tires, brakes and looks to match.

The old Meriden covers are shown off in homage to a deep history. Even a little ‘points’ cover.

Plump tank for the Thruxton, clip ons, rear sets and monobloc carburetor bodies over the fuel injection for period appearances.

Faired Thruxton too! Upside down race forks and rear shocks for track handling. 


Keep ogling she’s a stunner!  
The red one is my favorite: 84 foot pounds of torque and 112Nm @5,000rpm. Ripper!    
The road beckons…

Aft quarters.    
Beautiful details.


A nose for style.

2 Comments to “Hot of the Presses”

  1. WoW.!
    I’ve been watching for this for years, and in truth saw very little in the UK press.. so I just read MCN at the supermarket..!
    Then this.. WoW.!
    You were right all along..
    I’d need to see one/them in the metal [ hmmmm.. perhaps a visit to Newcastle.? My local dealer is an unpleasant man and I could not possibly walk in there.!] But they do look lovely.. No.! Gorgeous.!!
    The red one is stunning, and polished wheel rims too.. my fave.!
    That tank makes a hell of a statement, wonder what the UK prices will be, I do hope they stay competitive.
    So then, change of direction.. a Tiger XC800 for touring and a Thruxton for everything else.
    And I bet you’d never thought I’d say that.?
    Onward Britannia..
    Have a grand day.

    • We’re getting some here in Chicago for a look-see in November so hopefully I’ll get to sit on one and try it for size…. I’ll keep yer posted! I DO like your suggestion though!

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