Rods vs Mockers Part Four

Here are the older Meriden Triumphs at the street show, each with their owners mark on them, each with mileage and aged patina giving an certain ‘life’ to them.

Plum late 60’s Bonnie: Simply Gorgeous.

Mid 70’s oil in frame left shift 750 Bonnie. Carefully prepared and maintained.

A bobbed 650, pinstriped thruugh like Blackpool Rock!

My Bonnies dark brother, A clean 71/72 OIF Bonnie.

Mid 60’s Unit lump; A fine engine.

Super clean early 70’s OIF, nice white ‘horns’ on the ebony tank.

Pre-Unit hardtail chopper. Funky ape hangers, high, high pipes and batwing pinstriping.

Mirror finish cafe’d Trumpet. Rocker ready!

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