Sods vs Fockers Part V

Here’s an ample selection of details from the bike at the show; all Triumph of course! Starting with the tank badge of my favorite, the green Speed Triple. The mean bug-eyed monster.

Clocks from a newer Bonnie, nice clamp name detail.

Bonneville ‘Oil Tank’ name and flag. Patriotic or what!

Center tank bolt cover badge. I need one for my tank.

The Lucas Ammeter, the ‘Lord of Darkness’ reigns supreme! Or so this indicates!

A Tiger and its stripes.

The clean monochrome look on the Trophy touring bike. Sublime.

…and finally the Smiths Chronometric speedo; 120 m.p.h. sir? On a Bonnie in favorable conditions? Nearly! Neverthless a beautiful graphic, used in British ‘cycles and sports cars of the period.

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