Every Nut & Bolt…

As a young lad when I wasn’t taking apart things to see how they were put together, my sister thinks I was just breaking them, I somehow absorbed construction of mechanical things that has given me enough ken of the built world – though some might declare a dangerous knowledge! I’m sure most with a mechanical tilt to the world did the same thing. There was of course another way of achieving the same thing: the Meccano Set.

Wheels, plates, ties, cogs, axles and of course the ubiquitous silver nuts and bolts and their screwdrivers and spanners. From cranes, and bridges to cars and trains; youthful engineers to be could envision a world of machinery about them.

two-Wheels? You bet! Here’s an old drawing of a motorcycle a young Ed Turner wannabe could bolt-up.


After figuring out a few structural and ‘gineerin’ rules, the world was yer oyster… or Ariel, or Norton…


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