“Once more the Engine of her Thoughts began…”

Organisation is the Key to Success! Accumulating parts needs diligence especially when there is a lot of aftermarket bike parts not quite up to spec… i bought a clutch cable that lasted a hundred miles… you need to pay appropriately for some critical components. Can you clean up an original oily part off Ebay? Or cough up the dough for a new component from one of the small fabricators still making items for these old moto-madams? Don’t scamp on Far East parts though… it ain’t worth it!

Clean components, smooth swingin’ con-rods, sharp toothed gears, flat faced joints, new seals and assembly continues. I left my engine to an Brit Iron specialist, Ed Zender at Morries Place, with decades of experience, to get my ‘gin back into shape.

Once reassembled these twins are truly a work of art. Used in worldwide selling models by the Coventry company for nigh on half a century. You could display it in a gallery; though I’d rather see it ensconced in a rolling chassis, oil fed and petrol fired to romp you down the road…

(Heading is Bill Shakespeare)


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