Steam On!

What a ride it would be: racing a steam train. The powerful coal driven powering along and a Speed Twin following alongside. The 1960 Evening Star 2-10-0 heralded the closing pages of the steam age, a ’60 Triumph eyes the future of road speed.

Fire up the engine stoker, keep shoveling!


2 Comments to “Steam On!”

  1. David,
    This picture brought memories back for me. my late father was an engine driver with BR, based at Kingmoor Yard in Carlisle from the late 40’s til’ he retired in the 70’s. There are at home, in the family photobox [shoe box] a number of photo’s of him printed in the local rag.. the Cumberland News. They show him with the yard manager [always the same sort of shot] preparing to leave with one of his charges to go to the breakers yard.
    The giants he took away at the supposed end of the age of steam were, in no order.. Oliver Cromwell, Morning Star and, the Evening Star. As I understand it, all were saved. Partly thro’ public outrage, partly thro’ private money wanting to own them and the “sudden” realisation that.. “hang on chaps.. maybe there’s something in this steam tourism thing..”
    This would be late 60’s/ early 70’s and as I recall, the reason they got dad out was that there were so few steam men left from the ‘old’ days ! Most of the “new” guys were post steam.
    The bike here would surely be an [very] early 50’s Triumph.. what.. Speed Twin, Thunderbird..?

    • Bill, Great story from the last days of steam. What I would give to travel some of the British rail corridors on a steam train. No need for speed; just a chuffing engine ahead and the most beautiful scenery passing by… It would be a sorry tale if they were all broken up. I think when people see an old coal driven boiler powered machine in person under its own head of steam it stirs emotions. Diesel canna do that! I think this fine painting with a 50’s Triumph is most fitting. Two Great Engineering ‘works’ British Industry gave the world… Hope you’re well pal! Dave

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