Not your fathers heroes.

To celebrate The Man in Blacks birthday here’s a very little known film that Johnny Cash wrote the soundtrack for (along with Carl Perkins and Bob Dylan). It starred Robert Redford as a happy-go-lucky racer, Big Halsy Knox, who chases the adventures offered of both track and ‘field’; he takes on a mechanic sidekick, Little Fauss, who looks up to him, and true a early 70’s buddy movie ensues.

There are allegiances made and broken; a love interest, in the form of a drop-out muse played by Lauren Hutton, as the fabulously named Rita Nebraska; and of course super racing cinematography both on-board and track-side.
But Cash’s droll voice powers through with his balladeers songs.
Rollin’ Free
Ballad of Little Fauss and Big Halsy

Happy Birthday Johnny!

2 Comments to “Not your fathers heroes.”

  1. A bloody good and memorable film…. Michaerl J Pollard went on to be Bonnie and Clyde’s sidekick in the ’70s movie of their short lives, and of course Redford became fabulously wealthy and started Sundance… He never looked as good again however as he did in this flick, with the possible exception of The Great Gatsby but he was more louche in that… Here he was a ’70s Jack Reacher with a tooth brush and a healthy taste in voluptuous women… A recommended watch just for the bike racing, but also for all the above…

  2. Turns out Johnny Cash WAS one of my father’s heroes. Great post! thanks for sharing this…..

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