Starry Starry Night

A classic car and motorcycle show on a couple of closed off streets in Winnetka was attended today. All European stuff. And NICE stuff too! Today I’ll concentrate if the Crown Jewels of the show: a splendid display of no less than 11 Vincents. Quite overwhelming and each individual. The first is a ’52 Black Lightning – just like Richard Thompsons song of the same name. Just in need of a Red Molly to take it for a ride.


The engine as Art…


This one was obviously a rider: high mileage patina and oily rag polish achieve a glowing life to it. Give me an open road and no particular destination…


Egli Vincent: special racer. Take a strong powerplant and bolt it to a lightweight tubular frame dedicated to speed…


“Geriatric Hooliganism” perfect description.


Ed Sender, owner of Morrie’s Place rorted in on his moto. His BSA T-shirt show where his true allegiances lie…


This single cylinder HRD Meteor still looks the part next to its doubled-up brethren. The first true Vincent engine where Phil Irvine worked out many of the motor mechanicals to be seen in Vincents nearly twenty years.


This hyper clean example was a rebuilt barn find. You could stare at your the polished surfaces all day.


The color is perfect: black, metal grey and a hint of gold. The monochrome of a bygone age.


I asked Ed if I could sit on his Vincent, he very kindly allowed me to. A little upright for me. But comfy and everything placed well. Next goal: to take one for a fast spin!


One Comment to “Starry Starry Night”

  1. Well, that is a day out and no mistake.
    This one I’ll put in my archive.. I have already written on another reply from you, to me, where you showed the photo of you seated on the Vincent [I CAN’T stand it when idiot folks call them Vinnie’s.! It’s like Beemers for BMW or worse Benters for B.. aaaaaaaaaatgh.!]
    I have asked JMC classics, in the UK, to send you some of their excellent brochures for their Vincent work. You might have a look at their web-site Often have 2ndhand bikes for sale, that have been worked on /restored.
    Equally, have a look at ebay UK.. if I find anything, I’ll [try to] send it on to you.
    Great photo’s.

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