Bike Show

Some other cracking motos attended the show: starting with this immaculate ’68 Bonneville. Surgically clean to a mirror finish with astounding original detail. Even down to the cork seal under the fork gaiter. 100% concourse.



Even a new T100 Bonneville stood proud. Nice straight muffler to match the original – the standard kinked on replaced here. An adequate stablemate for a sixties T120.


Somebody had brought a road converted Triumph race bike. Somewhat cobbled but obviously gave its owner the thrill of speed. Somewhat of a Mad Max style ..


Norton Commando in rosy cheek’d color. Great seventies superbike!


A BSA B31 single sat sunning itself in the late June sun. Same colors as the Rocket Gold star I had. This thumper is a neat scooter.


2 Comments to “Bike Show”

  1. Hope you have plenty more and can run them for a few days.?
    The modern T100 with the straight pipes is as nice as I have ever seen.. I am NO fan of the modern Bonneville as I think you may have gathered. Laughs.. but this one is very handsome.. the straight pipes make all the visual difference. To me anyway.
    The 100% Bonneville at the top.. the filler cap looks grubby.!? Hmmmm
    10 points off I wonder.?
    I have great stuff to send you.
    Have a fab day.. trust all are well.
    Have you got that Moggy into Cat Barnardo’s yet.?
    Laughs.. I’d cat the bugger.!

    • I saw that grubby filler too… Look out for cars for the next couple of days. A super assortment of fine vehicles. My smartphone battery was low so not as many as I would have liked. But a choice selection none the less.
      Overnight storms here… All low areas get flooded…
      Fourth of July approaching – where do my allegiances lie? Up the Union! Down the British! Moonshine anyone? (From The Great Escape)

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