September Skies

September weather hits it’s stride this weekend. Perfect skies… Gotta make the most of it before winter thwarts road going efforts and maintenance beckons…
Dean and I took Sheridan up to Zion just before the Wisconsin border then hung a left westward along Rt 173 across the bucolic Lake Co. (well the odd patch and roadside glimpse!) we reached Hunt Club Road, typical horse country with stables, barns and paddocks lining the lanes. A few winding stretches with a the heady late summer wildflower meadows scent following our Triumphs twins crackling engines. A few meanders along River Road and St. Mary’s and back into Highwood. A tremendous wee jaunt on a smashing day. Both ‘cycles running good. I attempted on-board photography with my Nikon mounted on a spar in front of the handlebars; my beam was too springy so some images came out somewhat juddery looking…
However a few worked:




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