When processing a couple of yesterday’s photos through Instagram an effect evoking the original days of Triumph Bonneville ownership in the late 60’s or early 70’s is created. Snapshots on an instamatic.



2 Comments to “Motorcyclamatic”

  1. David dear,
    I do wonder about you sometimes.
    I saw yesterday’s photo’s and these here today.. I realise that it’s so much hotter there than here, but.. JACKETS anyone..?
    Gravel rash is NOT pretty. Look after yourself Son.

    • Bill,
      Dinnae worry aboot me. I have my lovely Triumph leather jacket, smashing Davida lid on, comfy roper gloves and classic Sidi boots – that’s my minimum!. My pal Dean has his lid on but I let him worry about his comfort/protection balance. He’s owned that ’68 Bonnie for 40 years. It’s a cracker. Actually it was a quick spin around the block that led me to acquiring my project Bonnie! The weather yesterday was 10 out of 10. If only days rolled on like that and quiet bu fast roads went on forever…

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