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January 1, 2013


Las Vega again; this time a successful jump by the extremely talented Robbie Maddison, Red Bull stunt rider supreme. One New Year show was his leap of the Vegas facsimile of the Parisienne Arc de Triomphe. A long tall ramp gave him the perfect trajectory, and a ski jump landing let him down fairly gently. Just a dislocated thumb on landing was all he suffered; but I bet the adrenaline kept any discomfort at bay.



Another landmark, another city: this time London and Tower Bridge. Here the stunt rider leaps AND backflips over an open bridge deck. I remember my motorcycle commute in London crossing this bridge twice a day, but not like this! Sometimes the deck would be raised to allow ships to pass, the the first across were the motorbikes: couriers, commuters all, haring over an empty road.