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January 8, 2013

Rebel Rebel

The great Ziggy Stardust of Martian Spiders fame is 66 today! That’s right David Jones, aka David Bowie has a birthday celebration today so we’ll see how the sad clown fits into the moto-world… For starters he IS the sound of the 70’s defining a look and music that moulded the next generation, or two, or three, in a refreshing style of glam, punk, funk, soul and rock all together and all alone. His alter ego persona over the decade would allow him to reinvent his ideas, always staying a step or two ahead of everyone else.

David Bowie sitting on a motorcycle


Here’s a super image from his early career, sitting around with Lou Reed & Mick Jagger, while Lulu looks on (she is of course a Lawrie so there’s a family connection somewhere!)


Of course he has so much to look back on with his 66 years; here he is as the titular Thomas Jerome Newton in The Man Who Fell to Earth.