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January 23, 2013

Kevin Ash

A giant of Moto-journalism was lost yesterday: Kevin Ash. On a BMW press release in South Africa, his luck ran out and was killed in an accident. He was a force in the truth of the world of two-wheels garnering respect with his riding and writing peers alike.

He was an unassuming well-liked correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, having been there for 15 years, before that a contributor to Motorcycle News.

Fast bikes, classics, mechanics, technical, politics, he was a clear voice for the ardent motorcyclist. His clear intelligent observations give those with either a few miles on a 125cc or untold adventure miles aboard a world travelled Beemer plenty to consider. A nice shot of this lost brethren at the Ace Cafe on a Triumph Bonnie. RIP

His website Ash on Bikes is a truly useful source of information for up to the minute Moto-reviews.