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January 13, 2013

Beelzebub in comic print

I had change from my ten pence for a black-jack, a kola-cube and a sherbet filled flying saucer. But I got the latest edition of Action! This week’s edition included a story based on a UK where adults have all been wiped out leaving everyone under the age of 18 in charge of their destinies. Lord of the Flies meets Grange Hill (the early years). There was a lot of yob culture represented in the anarchy.


So the motorcycle was used as gang ‘steeds’, the hog riders running over the opposing groups, ransacking territory, cracking skulls, quite literally. The newspapers, Esther Rantzen and other wardens of cotton wool had a field day!


How did they get away with this? Boys aged between 8 and 15 were craving this each week! And it’s not putting a good face to bikers either.


Petrol bombs, and other terrorist methods were illustrated each week. This story was the nail in the coffin for Action; they’d stepped over the line – reflecting a world out of control; inner city schools were scary enough, but without authority to contain, the result was carnage.


Great illustration by Mike White of what looks like a Triumph in darkened silhouette as the rider is run-down by a transit van. Obviously kids: don’t try this at home!