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January 21, 2013

Speeder Bike

The Rebellion are making a last stand against the Empire. The forest moon of Endor is the battlefield; only the highly trained assassin of the Scout Stormtroopers stood between the small party of rebels and the Death Star defense shield transmitter base. Their method of zooming around the understory of the woods was atop a 74-Z Imperial Speeder Bike manufactured by Aratech Repulsor Company.

It was capable of velocities upward of 350 km/h. Quick wits or Jedi skills are needed for this one…

It was armed with a blaster cannon, could speed up to 500 km/h on turbo for short distances; but only had a ceiling of 25m.

“What’s the last thing to go through an Imperial scout trooper’s head when he hits a tree? His afterburner.”
―Joke told by Rebel strike team forces on Endor.

“Use the Force Luke!”