Fixed broken brake

In the work to upgrade the stopping power of the front end of the Bonnie I’ve had to strip, clean, renew seals and reassemble the mechanicals of the proposed disc system. The master cylinder bore was polished out with a piece of green pan scrubber on a home-spin mandrel. The caliper recesses brushed out with a Dremel mounted brush and all items scrubbed down and seals pre-soaked in brake fluid. Assembly was straight forward apart from an awkward inner circlip that slipped and sprung the inner workings of the masters piston gubbins across the kitchen… Hope it all goes on the bike as easy!



Blog Post Script: One of the bearings was too small ID for the axle to install…. “Made in China”. 0.5mm too small! No amount of coaxing or freeze-shrinking would get it in. So I’ve ordered Japanese sealed bearings instead. I want these puppies to work once rolling!

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